About Us


Our Mission

Here at Alpha Dog Entertainment we are about; Families, Smiles and making Memories that last a lifetime.  

We are a Veteran-owned/Family-operated business that strives to make your event the one to remember.


Why Us?

We offer a unique Laser Tag service. In which we bring the party to you. After you book your event with us. We will do the rest. We will come to you and do the setup, the tear down, as well as, run the games. All you have to do is focus on having fun and creating memories with your friends and family!!


How Can We Help You?

  • Fundraisers 
  • Festivals 
  • Birthdays 
  • Post Proms 
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Fraternity / Sorority Rush Events
  • Team Building

We do them all!! Call Us Today and let us make your event one that your guest will envy!!!


You Have Questions, We Have Answers


  • How much space do I have to have?
    • Our fields are completely customizable to our customers surroundings. We do recommend that you have a space no less than the size of an outdoor elementary basketball court an estimate 80' x 80' sqaure for our smallest 12 marker package size. For our 24 marker package we recommend nothing less than a playing field of an estimate 113' x 113' sqaure.
  • What if my backyard is not big enough?
    • Not a problem. You can look into reserving space from your local park district or school gym. If you are in the C-U Area you can check out our friends at the Savoy Rec Center, or the Rantoul Youth Center. If your located in the Bloomington-Normal area you can call our friend Tony with the Normal Parks and Recreation office or Book a reservation at Game Time Gym II.
  • What happens if it rains?
    • We have a very fair rain policy and I can explain it to you when you call. Main thing is don't worry you have options.  The greatest part of our system is we can easily move it inside.
  • What is the age range of your parties?
    • As of right now we recommend 7 years and older.  Our laser tag markers are Tippmann paintball markers converted to laser tag. They have some weight to them which can make it harder for younger than 7 to hold and play.  If little sister/brother wants to play with the big kids that all good to if an adult walks with them.
  • How many guest can I have? 
    • Since this is your party, we do not feel that we have the right to limit your guest list.  In a two hour reservations time we can accommodate about 800 guest playing one 3 min game each.
  • How many can players can play at one time?
    • We have three marker packages to maximize your fun.
      • Sqaud Level / 12 Markers - Plays normal team games of 6 vs 6. 
      • Platoon Level / 18 Markers- Plays normal team games of 9 vs 9.
      • Company Level / 24 Markers- Plays normal team games of 12 vs 12. 

Availability maybe limited due to other reservations

  • How long are games?
    • Our games are completely customization to your needs.  If you have a large party then we can shorten the games to 3 mins to accommodate all of your guest.  If your have a smaller party we can lengthen the games.  Game length also depends on the scenerio that is being played.
  • Scenerio's???
    • This is not your typical dark, hazed filled room laser tag.  We take the games that you  would find on Playstation or Xbox and put them into your backyard.  We have games ranging from Biohazard, VIP, Zombie, Seek and Destroy.
  • Doesn't it have to be dark for us to play laser tag?
    • NOPE, our system is made by ICOMBAT and is a Tippmann Paintball marker converted to Laser Tag.  It shoots a non visible IR beam simular to your tv remote.  It can be used in the brightess condition as well as the darkess conditions.
  • How do I book one my very own extreme fun laser tag party?
    • Just fill out the Inquiry below or Call us and we get your party setup. 

Did not find your answer on here. Call or Email us and we are more than happy to assist you.


Events are booking as far as 30-60 days out. If you are thinking about having the greatest party of all time then don't delay and book us today!!

If your event is less than 30 days out please still contact us and we still might have your day available.




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